How to Make Corrugator Rolls Have a Long Service Life

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Date: 2016-10-11
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Maybe you have heard of corrugator rolls. But do you know how to make it have a long service life? I would like to introduce some ways to do it. Why not join me and share with me?

Laser surface hardening technology is based upon two processes which are from laser beam. Such two processes can be included self cooling from workpiece and high energy density heating. In other words, laser surface hardening is a technology which can ensure the strengthening of the surface of metal and parts. In this way, we can improve the surface hardness, strength and wear resistance.

What’s more, at the same time, theheart of the metal or the parts is still with the good comprehensive mechanical properties. Surface strengthening of corrugating roller belongs to the laser phase transformation strengthening.. Both T.C coating rolls and tungsten carbide corrugated rolls are good examples.

Speaking of technical features of laser hardening, laser surface hardening has small dependent on the hardenability of the material. As a result, it is possible for laser strengthening to make use of low grade material instead of high grade material.

On the other hand, technical features of laser hardening can be included dispersion strengthening. Under the condition of rapidheating and rapid cooling, the formed austenite grains has no breeding growth opportunities. In this way, the dispersed austenite grain forms dispersed martensite phase or bainite phase, which makes the martensite or bainite have both strengthened lattice and the dispersion strengthening effect.

What’s more, speaking of no oxidation and decarburization quenching, in conventional heat treatment, in the heating process, if there is no protective measures, steel will produce oxidation, decarburization phenomenon. As a result, it will make the hardness of steel reduce. At the same time, the abrasion resistance, service performance and service life will get worse or shorter. In contrast, laser transformation hardening, due to the use of light absorbing coating, can form gas atmosphere around the spot. In this way, it can keep the surfacefrom oxidation, which is with performance of protecting the workpiece surface.

As for the problem of anti fatigue, the workpiece surface which is treated by laser is in the state of compressive stress. Such performance makes the gear be more anti fatigue, what’s more, it makes chap, furrow and adhesion and fatigue phenomenon delay. In this way, it can prolong the service life.

There must be some other ways to prolong the service life for corrugator rolls. You can explore them by yourself!


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