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Have you heard of terdeca rolls or Corrugator Rolls? Maybe you have. But how much do you know about the enterprise standards about the production of corrugated roller? And how can the factory of corrugated roller meet the high requirement about corrugated roller? There is no doubt that it is very nessary for us to know much more about the information about the standard on manufacturing corrugated roller.

Generally speaking, corrugated roller is the most important part of corrugated board production equipment. It is generally made of 48CrMoA steel. The moment its surface is treated by heat treatment and cold treatment or just surface cold treatment, the hardness of it can generally be above HRC55. At present, most manufacturers use composite processing. To be specific, they need to nitriding or chrome after intermediate frequency quenching. In this way, the nitride layer thickness can be zero point five to zero point six milimeters.

What’s more, the chrome plating layer thickness can be from zero point ten to zero point fifteen milimeters. Speaking of the mainstream technology. It should be chrome plating after medium frequency quenching. In order to meet this requirement, the manufacturers mostly use 42CrMo 48CrMo forging materia to meet its hardenability. And the service life of composite processing roller is 800 ~ 9000000 running meters.( Tungsten Carbide Corrugator Rolls , Corrugated Roll Manufacturer)

As for the manufacturers, in order to win the market leading position, have to try new kinds of steel in the aspect of material, they also try new technologies in the process. So there are three mainstreams about technology, which are included chrome plating after intermediate frequency quenching, spraying tungsten carbide after intermediate frequency quenching (tungsten carbide corrugator rolls can be its products) and chrome after laser quenching. These three mainstreams about technology form competition situation, which offer a variety of solutions for carton factory choice. The demand of the market eventually become the dominant direction for process. The market will make a choice according to quality standards and cost standards.

 There are three following processes as instructions.

 (1), grinding, intermediate frequency quenching, eliminate stress, sandblasting, chrome (thickness 0.10 ~ 0.15 mm) - life of 800 ~ 9000000 running meters;

 (2), grinding, (intermediate frequency quenching), sandblasting, preheating, backing, sprayed tungsten carbide (thickness 0.05 ~ 0.06 mm) , polishing - life of 2000 ~ 50000000 running meters;

 (3), grinding, laser quenching, sandblasting, chrome (thickness 0.05 ~ 0.10 mm) - life of 1300 ~ 15000000 running meters.

 In a word, we have learned more about the enterprise standards on Corrugating Rolls. Of course, there is some other knowledge about it. If you want more information about it, just explore!


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