Review of Sino Corrugated 2023


Sino Corrugated 2023 was held in Shanghai on July 12th to 14th. This was the first international corrugated exhibition following the outbreak of the epidemic, and was located at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center. We welcomed many domestic and international customers to the show, and exhibited two new machines: the forward bundling high-speed inline strapping machine, and the top-type pallet strapping machine.

Unlike the traditional bow-frame strapping machine, our products this time are the forward bundling high-speed inline strapping machine which the strapping speed can be up to 28 bundles/minute (single/double bundles), equipped with automatic tape splicing function to  change without stopping. PET's pallet strapping machine is equipped with a turning machine, which is able to complete the tic-tac-toe strapping easily, and can reach the speed up to 36 pallet /hour.

The exhibition site is crowded with visitors, and our equipment has gained everyone's favor. Not only we received many domestic and foreign customers' inquiries and technical discussing, but also gained a number of on-site signing and re-purchase of old users.


All of the products on display were new debuts, which are briefly described below:

Review of Sino Corrugated 2023

SFS-202 Forward Bundling Dual Head High-speed Strapping Machine:

The machine has a small footprint, simple and compact structure. Driven by the latest type of DC brushless motor, the product can be able to realize the maximum satisfaction of the needs of most customers in the market for ultra-high speed and high stability. It adopts the forward strapping method and can automatically connect the tape. Maximum corrugated box size is 1600*1600, and the maximum inline speed is 28 bundles/minute (for single/double bundles), and can be matched with high speed FFG line.


Review of Sino Corrugated 2023

TSP-111 pallet strapping machine


TSP-111 pallet strapping machine adopts self-developed high-efficiency core, unique front and rear frequency conversion protection of the core, which can effectively guarantee the safety of the products and equipment.

The intelligent operation system can truly realize intelligent strapping with saving manpower, time and consumables, while adopting the sword piercing mechanism with frequency conversion drive and double counter-shot safety switch, which makes the strapping action smoother, and the on-site packing environment safer. The TSP series products can be equipped with double-head strapping, top-pressing, automatic corner protector and corner protector, which provide the most ideal solution.

The three-day exhibition was fleet and full. Technology leads the future, and the platform of the exhibition brought us closer to our customers, let us further understand the needing points and inquires of our customers, and more clearly defined the direction of our upward movement again. We will, as always, go all out to continue to innovate products, to provide our customers with more professional, more exquisite and more efficient product solutions. Next year, we look forward to meeting you in Shenzhen!